Life circumstances can feel overwhelming and bigger than us. As adults, parents and partners we can feel stuck and unable to access our wiser selves to accomplish what we want for our children, ourselves and in relationship to others. As teens, we can get bogged down with expectations and feel misunderstood by others.  We may grow distant from our partner and not know why but want deeper intimacy. Inevitably, you already have some skills and awareness to manage your life's circumstances but maybe you sense your relationships with others and to yourself feels stagnant and habitually comfortable. Navigating within our comfort zone can sometimes be useful but it can also hinder our emotional and relational growth. Your growing awareness of the conditions that hold you back in relationship to your self and others will inform our work together.

Lets work collaboratively to grow your awareness of the challenges and habitual patterns that make your relationships and life feel unmanageable and unfulfilling. We will uncover the emotional intelligence you already have to craft a personal narrative that is most affirming of who you truly are. You will emerge with skills, strategies and awareness that will improve your well being. We will get you and your loved ones moving in the direction you want to go. Ready? Set. Go!

There is no better time than now to explore
your path to well being