About You

You may be a parent wanting a closer relationship with your child or a teen struggling to be understood by your parents or friends. You may be a family member who feels out numbered or "controlled" by your parents or a person who wants a deeper connection to their partner. You may be someone who is successful in some areas in your life but stuck in others, or you may be struggling to find meaningful relationships. Whoever you are, you ARE the navigator of your life. Your personal narrative is front and center and you decide what isn’t working. We will work collaboratively to grow your awareness of the challenges that hold you back and we will disempower the stories in your life that no longer serve you. We will gently uncover the emotional intelligence you already have, challenge areas where you are stuck, and invite deeper reflection into yourself and life’s challenges developing a sustainable and healing path forward. With care, we will craft the narrative that is most affirming of who you truly are or who you want to be.

You may be an adult, teen or family member struggling with

•    PTSD
•    Trauma
•    Grief/Loss
•    Depression
•    General anxiety
•    Social anxiety
•    Emotional eating

•    Body and image challenges
•    Emotional disturbance
•    Self-harming behaviors / suicidal ideation / attempts
•    Recent psychiatric hospitalization
•    Family conflict
•    Parenting concerns
•    Relational concerns (recent separation or divorce)