How I work

I work collaboratively, relationally and emotionally focused; incorporating a variety of trauma informed, strengths based, client centered approaches.  I pay particular attention to attachment concerns and how family of origin issues show up in our relationships and lives. I utilize a variety of evidence-based interventions and I find that clients appreciate when I incorporate creative and narrative based interventions as a non judgmental, direct approach to difficult circumstances. I am particularity interested in utilizing attachment based approaches with adults/teens, families and couples impacted by depression, anxiety, grief, intimacy communication and trust issues, trauma related issues and every day frustrations of life. I am passionate about empowering clients to work through their comfort zone forging fertile grounds for healing while gaining awareness of circumstances that create barriers to the life they want for themselves personally and in relationship with others.

Important Fact
Evidence suggests that a positive solid relationship between the therapist and client is one of the primary drivers of change. I whole-heartedly believe that the therapist/client relationship grounded in attunement and unconditional regard is in large part what inspires deep healing and change. 

Did you know
Working "relationally" requires that I "show up" authentically and genuinely in our sessions together. My full presence and deep reflective listening supports meeting you where you are. To that end, my mindfulness practice deeply informs my empathic approach to understanding and working with my client’s challenges. This may include interventions that evokes humor and play in our sessions.

Interventions we may utilize together

•    Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•    Brief Solution Focused Therapy
•    Anti Oppressive, strengths based narrative interventions
•    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
•    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•    Motivational Interviewing
•    Narrative/Creative/Attachment based interventions
•    Mindfulness Interventions
•    Non-violent Communication
•    Traditional Talk Therapy
•    Family Systems/Family Structural interventions


Previous clients and parents have described me as intuitive, non judgmental, warm, authentic, direct, compassionate, and skilled at "creating a safe space".