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Initial Intake and Assessment - 60-90 minutes  $ 170.00
Individual Therapy (teen or adult)  - 45 minutes  $ 125.00; 60 minutes $ 135.00
Family or Couples Therapy - 45-60 minutes $ 145.00 

Initial Consultation

It is vitally important that you have a strong alliance with your therapist, in fact evidence suggests that the therapeutic alliance is a primary driver of change. I can offer a 30 minute initial consultation in-person or by phone at no charge prior to first session. This is an opportunity to get to know one another; when you can ask questions about how I work and how I might be able to help. Your comfort and ease with your potential therapist is essential and I welcome your determining if I am the right fit for you. I would be happy to make recommendations to other providers if you determine we are not the right fit at any stage of our potential work together.

Reduced Fees

I want to create access to quality therapeutic services and I understand that fees can be challenging for some. I can offer a reduced fee to those whom therapy would be affordable otherwise and who are paying out-of-pocket. Please contact me to discuss if we can reduce this barrier.


I accept VISA, Master Card, American Express via “Stripe”, a secure credit card processing terminal through SimplePractice, LLC, a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records program. In your initial paperwork, there is a place to fill in your credit card information which will allow me to charge your card automatically through “Stripe” after your sessions.  Entering your credit card is a convenient way for you to pay your co pay or private pay fee.

I also accept cash or check. Though may be not as convenient for you, paying by cash or check eliminates credit card processing fees. Please note that I can not waive your co-pays or deductibles. These are regulated conditions by your insurance company.

Electronic Health Records and Automatic Payment Process

I work with SimplePractice, LLC electronic health records program which is HIPAA compliant. Once starting services with me, you will have the opportunity to log on to the “client portal” which will allow you and I  to send and receive emails and or health documents transmitted via a HIPAA compliant network. I can also send you monthly statements of your sessions if you prefer.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours and I am not able to fill your time slot you will be charged $ 50.00 to partially cover my cost of holding a full hour appt time for you.

Insurance: In-Network

I am currently in network with the following insurance plans:

  • Providence (most plans)

  • Providence Preferred

  • United Behavioral Health/ Optum

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon (BCBS); Participating, Preferred, Medicare Advantage PPO and Medicare Advantage HMO

  • MODA (Beacon, Connexus, Synergy, CCN Community Care Network, Tuality PPO, OHSU PPO PLAN


  • Cigna

  • Aetna

I highly recommend that you call your insurance to verify that I am in network with your specific plan.

Please note, if you opt to utilize your insurance, I will need to conduct an initial intake mental health assessment to establish a mental health diagnosis. This is required by all insurance plans in order to pay for psychotherapy services. I am happy to talk with you more about this during our initial conversation and before you set up services with me. 

Insurance: Out-of-Network (OON)

Navigating the insurance world is complex and complicated. Every insurance plan and payer are different with their own unique procedures to submit and collect on claims. If I am out-of-network (OON) with your insurance company, my services may still be covered IF your health insurance offers OON coverage. If you opt for OON benefits, my full-out-of pocket fee is due at time of service. I will provide you with a "super bill" (essentially a statement of services and payment) that you can submit to your insurance directly for reimbursement. I cannot, however, guarantee reimbursement by your insurance company. 

I recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting services with me to determine the following: 

  • Confirm that Laura La Rosa, LCSW at Growing Zone Counseling is In Network with your plan

  • If not, ask if you have Out-of-Network (OON) benefits; what they are and if Laura La Rosa, LCSW at Growing Zone Counseling is approved as an OON provider.

  • What is your deductible?

  • How much of the deductible has been met?

  • What is your co-pay and/or what percentage of the out-of-network providers fee is covered?

BENEFITS TO PAYING OUT-OF-POCKET (not using your insurance)

  • More choice - Paying out-of-pocket allows you to choose the therapist that you would like to see. A positive therapeutic alliance is known to improve positive treatment outcomes.

  • No mental health diagnosis criteria - People seek therapy for a number of reasons; personal growth, "fine tuning", reflection and exploration. For many reasons, individuals may not meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis which insurance companies require. Paying out-of-pocket gives you the ability to choose therapy for what ever reason you choose.

  • More confidentiality - Insurance companies require a claim with a mental health diagnosis to ensure services are "medically necessary". They may also periodically require review of progress notes and other documents with sensitive and confidential information. Individuals who pay out-of-pocket can keep their information confidential rather than have it documented in their permanent health records.

  • You will be asked to sign an out-of-pocket waiver if you decline to use your insurance acknowledging that I will not be submitting claims to your insurance company and that you are not able to request claim submission for any services previously provided. You can decide to use your insurance at any time and claim submission would be from that day forward.

Please note that out-of-pocket payment and co pays are due at time of service. I am happy to provide you with an invoice or statement for your records. 


Protecting your privacy and confidentiality are not only important to me, I am required to do so.  I will never disclose your information without your written approval to do so. I utilize an electronic medical records program that is HIPAA compliant. I will keep intake paperwork, billing information, demographic information and brief session notes in a locked file cabinet that only I have access to.

Because I am a "mandatory reporter", there are some instances where I have a legal responsibility to disclose limited information.  I will make every effort to discuss circumstances with you before making a report. In some cases, I will give you the opportunity to be included in the reporting process if you would prefer.  As a mandatory reporter I am obligated to disclose limited information for the following circumstances:

  • There is suspicion or reporting of child, dependent adult, or elder abuse.

  • There is reasonable suspicion that you are at imminent risk of self-harm or harm to another person.

  • If I am ordered to disclose limited information as a result of legal court proceedings.

Other examples of mandatory reporters are teachers, nurses, police officers, and health care workers

Benefits and Risks of Psychotherapy

There are benefits and risks to most things in life. This is true for psychotherapy as well. Here are a few examples of possible benefits and risks of engaging in psychotherapy:


  • Adverse mental health symptoms may decrease

  • Your relationships may improve

  • You may gain insight about yourself that improves your well being

  • Circumstances in your life may not feel as hard to manage

  • You may learn skills and strategies to improve the challenges you experience

  • Your symptoms may get better


  • Things may feel worse before they feel better

  • You may be triggered during psycho therapy sessions

  • You may feel like therapy is too hard and you may wish to disengage

  • You may discover things that may redirect your life in a direction you didn't anticipate

  • Your symptoms may get worse or stay the same

We will work collaboratively to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks for you to engage in psychotherapy. With you in the driver’s seat and my assistance we will develop a sustainable plan forward and get you on your path to well-being at a pace that is comfortable to you. It is important that you know that you can stop psychotherapy at any time for any reason. Your engagement is determined by you with a few exceptions. The one exception being if you are a danger to yourself or others, as a licensed mental health provider and mandated reporter I am obligated to make treatment recommendation or to notify the appropriate authorities to ensure your safety and the safety of others.


Web Page Disclosure: Content of this web page is for informational purposes only. Though every attempt is made to keep content current, some things slip through the cracks.  If you start services with me you will receive an intake packet that will have thorough and complete  documents outlining polices, practices and other information that you will need to know before getting started.