My goal is to co-create a space with you that is nurturing, healing and transformative
so that you can do the exploration you want to do.

Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy is personal and requires emotional vulnerability and a level of transparency that may enable you to heal old or current emotional wounds or barriers.  My approach is emotionally centered, interactive, dynamic and compassionate. This approach supports collaboration and trust and invites you to bring all of who you are into the room. I can support your process to identify and achieve the change you desire that might also enable you to be more present in your life, to solve challenges with ease and to create the happiness you want. Our work together may also give you the insight and tools to skillfully navigate the circumstances in your life that you want to improve. Your relationship to yourself and others may deepen and you may start to create a new positive life narrative that improves your well being. This work may be short term or longer term depending on your discovery and at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Important Fact
The length of therapy really depends mainly on the issues being addressed and the desire of the individual to feel better. Other factors play a role, such as support from friends and family, on going stress, physical and social activity, and amount of insight you may have.

Did you know
Laughter, whether from you or from you observing someone else  laughing can improve your mood.

Individual Therapy for Teens

So you’ve been told you “should go see a counselor” and you are unsure if you want to go. Your hesitation is understandable. You may not be getting a long with your parents or your chosen family or you may have just broken up with your love interest and believe you will “never” find anyone like them again. Maybe you've just experienced a traumatic or catastrophic event that has you spinning, lost and feeling alone, or maybe you’re just not able to participate in social activities because you are depressed or feel socially awkward. You may be at a crossroad where you can turn things around for yourself or you may already know that counseling is what you want. Therapy may be right for you. I provide individual therapy for teens who are living with a number of mental health issues and every day challenges of being a teen.

Important Fact
One in five children and teens between the ages of 13 and 18 have or will have a serious mental illness. About 8% of teens have an anxiety disorder (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.) Teens are just as vulnerable to psychological illness as adults are. In fact, some youth might be at greater risk for developing a psychological illness if they’ve experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, or bullying. ( National Institute for Mental Illness )

Did you know
Engaging regularly in an activity that you love, identifying a positive role model that you believe in and participating in physical exercise can greatly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

You have the innate wisdom and emotional intelligence to create the change YOU WANT